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Case Study


Project Overview

Our client Petzy.com, wanted a user friendly platform to sell pet consumables on internet. Key requirements of the client included

  • E-commerce Website with good visual appeal
  • Fully automated internal processes backed by robust back end systems
  • Fully integrated back end modules well connected to and interacting with front end
  • Flawless and streamlined flow of processes from one system to another advancing to the next level of the order cycle

Main Challenges

  • End to end interactive systems for different verticals in same format.
  • Third party integration.
  • SEO friendly Website development to drive relevant crowd.

Lobotus Solutions

Lobotus designed a framework integrating all back end systems and front end systems to manage the E-commerce business. Lobotus identified best solutions and developed a very user friendly E-commerce suite for Petzy.com

Principal offerings from Lobotus to Petzy

  • SEO and user friendly E-commerce website with slew of functionality.
  • Dynamic and easy to manage catalog management system (CMS) which is flexible to modifications.
  • Fully equipped vendor management system(VMS) connected to the rest of the systems to manage vendors and carry out procurement tasks.
  • Interactive Stock management system(SMS) to manage stock of each product and track the status of availability.
  • Responsive and integrated order management system(OMS) to manage orders placed on the website.
  • Third party API integration to provide effortless online shopping experience to the customer through seamless payment processing and continuous distribution support from logistics partner.

Results – How we added value to Petzy business

  • Developed easily navigable SEO compliant E-commerce website compatible with all main platforms.
  • Designed an integrated E-commerce framework for all verticals across organization to function in tandem with each other.
  • Added subscription and account creation option for customers and site visitors to help Petzy maintain customer database.
  • Added and implemented an array of other functionality to manage the front end of site like offering discounts, creating combos etc. to help Petzy retain uniqueness.
  • Created a scalable E-commerce suite to meet future requirement.
  • Integrated all main social networking sites to give a boost to the sales of the products listed on Petzy which will help in site promotion activities also.


Project Overview

YouCanJet wanted a multi-functionality website for Air Travelers to book Pvt Jet Charters listed with its registered Charter Operators based on specific search criteria, wherein Operators have an exclusive interface to manage listings of Private Jet Charters.

Main Challenges

  • Creating client specific interface.
  • Restricting duplicate entry of same Jet by multiple operators.
  • Limited resources with respect to time and funds.

Key requirements of the client included

  • YouCanJet Admin to have all the controls to manage the system.
  • Operator specific interface for registered operators to manage their own listings of Charter flights with an array of functionality.
  • User friendly interface for Travelers to interact with Operators to request for Quotes on different Charters to book a flight or an empty leg.
  • Website to have Mobile platform compatibility.
  • Easy to use content management tool for YouCanJet Admin to manage the content without knowledge of any programming language.
  • Log in facility for prospective travelers, to manage his bookings with facilities to request for quote, cancellation functionality and tracker to view history of his/her previous bookings on the site.

Lobotus Solutions

Lobotus developed a user friendly Website that facilitates interaction between registered prospective travelers and registered charter operators for booking of private jet charters listed with each of these operators.

Principal offerings from Lobotus to YouCanJet

  • User friendly and interactive interface for registered travelers to request for quote from registered travel operators.
  • Time bound cancellation functionality for user to cancel his booking with auto generated notification system.
  • Facility to request for quote from multiple operators at the same time.
  • Separate interface for charter operators to manage their listings on the site with array of other functionality.
  • Number of parameters like Origin Place, Date, Safety Rating added to display the lists of Jets meeting the specific criteria as may be required by traveler.
  • YouCanJet Admin given all access to monitor the process flow in the system.

Results – How we added value to YouCanJet business

  • Developed user friendly interface for Jet Operators and Travelers to interact with each other and share information.
  • CMS tool for YouCanJet Admin to manage information to be shared on site without any technical know how.
  • Developed website compatible with mobile platforms.
  • Easy to manage bookings done for both travelers and operators .
  • Developed scalable website to handle soared number of bookings with increased number of registrations.


Project Overview

  • Interactive website with good visual appeal.
  • Design web application that will be used by the students for getting information about the colleges across United States.
  • Customised Content Management System for managing the content without hampering the actual design of the website.

Main Challenges

  • Developing the quickest “search engine Algorithm”.
  • Fetching data from central database using API.
  • Managing Word Press Avada theme automatic update without disturbing the design.

Results – How we added value to College Hounds business

  • Developed a website that is compatible with all the browsers.
  • Designed a search engine algorithm with the filters incorporated so as to help the prospects get right information about the colleges.
  • Fully streamlined database management system with third party API integration to ensure right information is available to the prospects from the database based on their search query.
  • Used Avada theme automatic updates in order to retain the stability and design of the website . Our customized content management system makes it easier to manage the website content for our client.


Project Overview

Pearson is the International chain of schools, highly recognized in the country for their significant contribution in education system. To give a boost to their online visibility and to reach the mobile audience, they wanted us to update their existing websites by giving them responsive design and also optimize the pages for ranking high on major search engines. Principal requirements of the clients were:

  • A responsive website that would replace an earlier version that was compatible only for desktop.
  • To provide a sleek experience to users irrespective of the device and platform.
  • Modernization of the markup for facilitating easy modification of websites in the future.
  • Optimizing CSS and JavaScripts of the website, to reduce load time.
  • SEO for the same to improve online visibility and high rank.

Main Challenges

  • New strategies for Navigation of content in mobile versions, earlier, suited for the desktop version.
  • Optimizing images to make them compatible with the new version
  • Making the website compatible with all the browsers, to extend great display features and performance.
  • Understanding the mindset of audience and optimizing the pages according to that, along with the proper keyword research.

Lobotus Solutions

Lobotus methodically developed the responsive website for Pearson that has helped them in reaching the mobile audience, thus widening their business.

How we added value to Pearson Business

  • We built an updated version of the website that is helping them tap the right audience.
  • Improved the performance and display of the website.
  • Improved the website ranking, converting the website traffic into relevant customers.


Project Overview

International Telecommunications Satellite Organization abbreviated as ITSO, is an intergovernmental organization that was built by the efforts of governments of different countries to establish a global satellite communication system. They wanted us to update their Content Management system, Joomla to the newer version, enabling the future updates of the software and better security. These were the key requirements of the client:

  • Replacing the outdated version of Joomla CMS with the latest.
  • Resolve security issues and enable the features to get future update notifications for the software, the older version did not possess any update option.
  • Migrating content from the old version to the newer framework.

Lobotus Solutions

Keeping in mind all their requisites, Lobotus replaced the Joomla 1.5 version with the latest one and thus rectifying all the major issues with it,the new version is more authentic and secure.

Principal Offerings from Lobotus to ITSO

  • Successfully replaced their outdated Content Management system with the latest version of Joomla, now content management and handling is much more secure and easy to use.
  • Data migration from the older framework to newer one without damage or loss of data.